Whirlpool dryer not drying fast enough

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Whirlpool dryer not drying fast enough

I have a 21 year old Whirlpool dryer. Although I haven't done a lot of troubleshooting yet, it appears to be heating well, but my wife says is taking about 2x time to dry. I've seen here the likely concern may be the venting, and I'll check that today. But what is the possibility of the thermal fuses, thermostat, or moisture sensors that I seen mentioned here? Anything else to consider up front? The model# is LE7010XPN0.

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While I can only speak for my own, I've had that problem with my old dryer a couple of times, and it's always that too much lint gets into the vent thing that goes to the outside (sorry not very clued on part names ) and needs to be cleaned out. You'd be amazed at the lint buildup. After cleaning, works like new again.
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Was the buildup immediately at the exit of the dryer, or along the vent pipe to the outside of the house.
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Lint can build up anyplace in the vent tube. If you have a plastic vent I would try to replace it with medal. All the other things you mentioned the dryer would not heat, On old dryers like yours the moisture sensor should not be a problem. Have not run into a bad one yet. Almost all long dry times are from vent problems
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I felt like a fool recently when our large capacity gas dryer stopped drying the clothes. It was under warranty so I called the service tech. It was a lint clogged vent. Periodically, now I run my shop vac hose into the outside opening and draw the lint out. We clean the screen every load, but the build-up happened anyway.

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I'm new to the forum, as well as owning a home, and the dryer thing was my first encounter with "it yours, you have to fix it." After I moved, my dryer took three times as long to dry the clothes. Since it was getting hot, and it was super steamy when I opened it, I knew it wasn't venting. I bought a LintEater at Lowes. It attaches to your drill motor and flexible extending rods and a brush in the end.

You would not believe the ever-loving ick that came out of the duct work. I don't think it was ever clean in the 25 years since the house was built! Ew!

The dryer is many times improved. Not as good as in my apartment, but I think it's because the duct is so long, but talk about a cheap fix for a major difference! I highly recommend the investment (about $35).
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Smile vent

Mine is the same, its a long vent. Make sure you clean the vent from BOTH directions. Outside going in and Inside going out.

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