GE Fridge Not Cooling

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GE Fridge Not Cooling

I have a GE TBH22ZPE fridge that is about 15 years old. I have it as an "extra" in my garage and lately I've noticed that the fridge portion isn't keeping this very cold. The freezer portion seems to be working fine. I have noticed that the gasket on the fridge door appears to have a small gap on top. Could that be causing it to not keep things cold? What else should I be concerned with?

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Quick checks for a refer are as follows.. You need to have a running compressor, running condensor fan motor (next to compressor), CLEAN condensor coils (under fridge), correct airflow under fridge (cardboard back cover of compressor needs to be in place), fan in freezer needs to be running. This fan is crutial for your fresh food compartment as well as the freezer aas all of your cooling is done in the freezer and that fan blows 90% of the air back into the freezer and about %10 back into the fridge. Without that fan your freezer may work but your fridge will suffer. You also want to check to see that there is no frost on your back wall of the freezer as this would indicate a defrost problem resulting in no airflow via the freezer fan. You definatley want to adress the dooor seal issue by possibly getting some shims for the bottom fridge door hing to raise that door up or adjusting the hinge to slove the problem as that will kill your old fridge quickly.
Check these things and post back if you find any problems..
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I considered making my own post but this post mirrors my situation almost exactly.

My refer is a whilepool. (model et20rkxzw00)The product manual for it was published in 1991 so I presume its about 17 years old. I don't have any gasket problems but I do have 3 young boys who chronically leave the fridge open for long periods of time after pulling out a snack.

I followed some of the instructions listed here but I'm not positive I did it all correctly.

1. I cleaned off the coils (they were completely coated in dust and cobwebs. FILTHY! I have a 5 pound CO2 tank that I used to blast the coils clean.

2. After cleaning them off I felt around a bit and the coils are roughly room temp. I'm unsure if they should be hot or cold.

3. Confirmed that the fan is running

4. Compressor is hot. The compressor is the small tank with all the copper tubing right? Should it be hot or cold?

5. I felt around underneath and found everything to be either hot or room temp. I presume that I should have found something down there to be cold....

I did find a small amount of green discoloration on one of the copper tubing. It looked a bit like green rust.

I'm not sure how long I need to wait in order to determine if cleaning the coils was sufficient to get the fridge cool again. I'd appreciate any additional comments though.

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