Dishwasher motor needs oil?

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Dishwasher motor needs oil?

Good morning.

Ten year old built-in Frigidaire (White) d/w, MDR251RER0.

Works fine.

Last week the motor began making a different sound than usual, like it's grinding against something or working harder than usual.

I looked under the tub and saw the cover plate over the motor (plate looks like a "tent roof") has what looks like dried detergent all over it. No evidence of leaks anywhere other than that - no wet or damp flooring, etc.

I'm thinking that the seal between the motor shaft and the tub has been leaking a tiny bit for several years.

Is there a way to get some oil onto that motor shaft?

Is there a way to patch that shaft seal?

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The way the motor is rusted, it has been leaking for a long time. The water with the soap has washed all the oil our of the bearings. If it were me, I would replace the motor, and replace the bad parts in the pump causing this problem. If the rest of the d/w is in poor condition, it may be time to look at new dishwashers.

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I doubt anything like that will help. Probably shaft wearing in water circulating and discharge pump, and allowing a little out past a seal.

I'd get with a retail applaince repair and parts store on this, as they can bring up exploded views of the unit and see what is available for repair or replacement parts and their costs. Recently I replaced an entire motor and pump combo (on a Hotpoint) and it was a relatively quick and easy swap out. Did THAT(old)sucker really go to leaking! (flood! )
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10 years is the average life expectancy of a dishwasher. Some don't last that long, and some last longer. 10 years is the average.

I would think long and hard before investing money in a 10 y.o. dishwasher. As indicated by the rust and staining on the floor, the leak has been going on for some time.

When motor bearings wear out, they can be very loud during cycles because bearings get saturated with water and wash away bearing grease. Sounds like the dishwasher is on its last legs.
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This is excellent. Thanks for all the suggestions.

I think it's time to buy a new dishwasher. The present one was an 18" built in (small kitchen), low-end Frigidaire, but 'til now the only problems were (1) stuck detergent release door, and (2), rinse agent dispenser plugged up.

Now I've got the excuse to tear out the old machine, turn that space into an 18" storage cabinet, and get a full size portable d/w.

Amazing how the 18" built in's are almost twice the price of the 24" built in's. But I don't have space for a 24" built in - only a roll-around.

Thanks all.

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How to separate motor from pump?

I haev the same model, with basically the exact same problem. I've found inexpensive replacement parts, but my question is how do I separate the motor from the rest of the assembly?

I tried a 9/16" socket on the nut at the top of the shaft, and used a wrench jammed into the metal impeller at the bottom of the motor (to keep the shaft from turning), but couldn't get it to move (I actually pushed so hard, I popped the entire pump assembly out of the tub). Tried some penetrating oil (in and around the top of the shaft), didn't seem to make a difference. I wouldn't think it be be that difficult.

I can order all the parts of the assembly (vs trying to disassemble and reuse some), but it would still be useful to know how it comes apart, to aid in it's assembly.

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.


PS - as an FYI, I originally thought I'd just buy a replacement dishwasher (this is probably 10+ yrs old), but they are close to $600 new, and don't even have all the features of this one, so repairing is definitely the way to go.

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