Change dryer vent from rear to side?


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Change dryer vent from rear to side?

I have recently (yesterday) purchased a Samsung DV209AEW electric dryer from Lowes. I have it in my house and installed and everything. The problem is that my laundry closet is only 36 inches deep, and the dryer is 30 inches deep. You would think that six inches is plenty of room, but there's not really that much space due to the folding doors. I only have about three-four inches of space behind the dryer, and as a result the dryer hose is partially crushed.

The dryer specifications indicate it has 3-way-venting. There are two places on the bottom sides of the dryer where it looks like you can punch out a large hole for the dryer to vent. However, there is no information in any of the manuals, or even from Samsung directly (I called them today) to tell me how to change the vent from the rear to the side. The only thing Samsung told me was that I would need a kit from Maytag (part #: 12002641).

Other than knocking out the pre-made hole on the side, what will I need to do to change the vent so that it comes out of the side and not the back?

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i imagine the kit is similar to the whirlpool and LG kit that come with instructions.

or you could knock out the hole in the side and run a metal flex vent to the blower housing. dont use that foil covered paper crap. would need to remove the front of the dryer to do this.
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Samsung has their own side vent kit now. It is available on now.

You can check following link for details.[/URL]

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I hope it is not the kit I got today, Customer went to Lowes and they called SamSung and he was told kit was not available Yet. Kenmore kits will not work on this one. Have to take dryer apart to side vent.
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Another option would be to consider a telescoping vent/duct.
This has a slimmer profile to fit tight areas.
A lot easier than disassembling a dryer for a right or left hand conversion...


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