Moving: hard to unhook and rehook washer/dryer?


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Moving: hard to unhook and rehook washer/dryer?

Hi all,

I'm by no means a handy man, but I get along fine with screwdrivers and wrenches.

We had an electric washing machine and gas dryer installed by Sears a couple years ago, and now we're moving. I've NO clue how hard it'll be to unhook the two machines and re-hook them up at our new home.

I figure I MIGHT be able to unhook the washing machine (though I'm uncertain I'd be able to rehook it up with different drainage at our new home), but the dryer concerns me since it's gas.

Do I need to turn the electricity and gas off to unhook these? Are there any specific/unusual tools I'd need to do this?

Or would I just be better off hiring a professional? We already called Sears and they told us to take a hike. So, erm, just who/what kind of person WOULD we call?

Thanks for helping us out,
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should be a gas valve at the dryer to turn off. once you get it hooked back up at the new place spray the gas fittings with water that has a small amount of liquid dish soap(1 table spoon in a pint or so) to check for leaks.

if its a front load washer you should put the 4 shipping bolts back in. otherwise its self explanatory.
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The electric for them just unplug from the wal with a standard plug.

The water supply is just two hose bibs like a garden faucet, the drain is just a drain.

The dryer should have a gas shut off at it, and vent, which you should be able to disconnect. If you feel nervous, hire a pro.
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Thanks, all, I didn't expect it to be that simple! I just crawled back behind the two machines and followed your instructions to make sense of what I was looking at, and, erm, I think a monkey given an hour or two could probably hook these puppies up, heh.

Thanks again for the help and reassurance.
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