Error code E4 F3 Whirlpool Range

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Error code E4 F3 Whirlpool Range

Can someone give me some help with this Error code for my Whirlpool Electric range Acu bake DUO model RF388LXKQ. The oven will work for about a half hour then it will beep a couple times and a error code comes up E4 F3 and the heating element shuts off. The book says F3 error codes are the sensor but nothing about the E4. Also there are 2 sensors a upper and lower. These sensors are about $60 a piece and I would want to be sure thats what is causing the problem before I would buy them. Im thinking it might also be the board, anybody know?
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This is from the tech sheet that should be located in a pouch on the back side of the range behind the control panel. Most likely the sensor is bad, but it could be the control.

F3 E4:

Oven sensor opened - Bottom

1. Measure sensor value (between connector pins) between 1000 Ω @ 32 F and 2697 Ω
@ 900 F (room temperature approx. = 1080 Ω). If measurement does not correlate to
real temperature, disconnect power, replace sensor and refer to steps 3-5.
Also measure from sensor connector to sensor casing for possible short.
2. Trace wires and connectors to sensor from control, then from sensor back to control. If
all connections are made and no wire damage, refer to step 3.
3. Disconnect power longer than 30 seconds.
4. Re-apply power and observe for longer than 1 minute.
5. If failure remains, disconnect power, replace control, then go back to step 4.
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There are 2 sensors in the oven a upper and lower which one would it be?
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Hello: Rick

My advice & suggestion. May have to replace both sensors. Ask at a local appliance parts retail store in your area. As a former service tech we where required to replace both to best insure no call back likely to be required....

Whirlpool-KitchenAid-Roper Appliances: Oven Fault Codes:
>>Exception Note:<<
Chart below does not apply to Whirlpool Models using the "Y" line in the products model numbers. Applies to models using 4 digit displays only.

F0-E0 Analog to Digital failure
Disconnect panel for 30 seconds
Should the above error re-appear, replacement of the control is required.
F1-E1 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F2-E0 Shorted Keypad Replace Keypad
F3-E0 Sensor or Sensor Fuse Open Replace Sensor or Fuse
F3-E1 Shorted wire or Sensor locate short and correct it or replace Sensor
F3-E2 Oven over heat Replace Sensor
F3-E3 Cleaning Temp over heat Replace Sensor
F5-E0 Door Error Check Door
F5-E1 Door Latch Check Latch
F5-E2 Door Switch Check Switch

Below applies only to the two digit display models for the brands above.
F0 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F1 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F2 Oven over heat Replace defective Sensor
F3 Oven Sensor Open Check/Replace Sensor
E4 Shorted wire or Sensor locate short and correct it or replace Sensor (Error Code)
F5 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F6 Problem with time keeping circuit Reset Time or cooking operation and check for proper ground.
F7 Shorted or sticking button Clean button or replace ERC
F8 Defective ERC Replace ERC
F9 Door Latch Error Check latch and latch circuit

Additional Information:
Range/Stove Common Oven Fault Codes,
F3 - Oven too hot - Replace oven temperature sensor or try Cleaning sensor if temp too hot - Replace oven temperature sensor(s) if cleaning fails to resolve condition.

Whirlpool Appliance Parts: (with pictures & diagrams)
Appliance Parts Discount Appliance Parts ? Appliance Repair Parts
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Please read my previous post:

"Oven sensor opened - Bottom"

Lower sensor
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Doug, I swapped the upper and lower sensors to see if I would get a different error code and I did the first time. I tried the oven and I got a E0 F3, but then I tried it 2 more times and Im back to the E4 F3 code again, do you think If I replaced both sensors that that would take care of the problem? The parts store says I cant return the sensors once I purchase them.
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That is strange. F3E0 is an open sensor, top which is what I would expect to see. Having the F3E4 come back after swapping sensors is very strange. It is very difficult to detect the faulty part(s) in this situation because you have to catch it in the failed state. If you can catch the sensor when it is open circuit then you know for sure that sensor has failed. Unfortunately the problem could be one or both sensors and/or even the control board.

I have seen situations where the connector between the sensor and the oven wiring was causing problems. I mostly hard wire sensors when I replace them to avoid this problem.
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Doug, I went through the wiring with the sensors and unconnected and connected everything I could and inspected all the wires and they looked good. Then my appliance store gave me a used sensor to try and I put that in and no error codes, so I thought that was the problem sensor. Then just for the heck of it I thought I would put back the problem sensor to verify that the sensor was the error problem but no more error codes came up. So it is working fine for now the only thing I can think of is that it might be a connector, like you say, hard wiring might be the answer. If I get anymore codes Ill try hard wiring the sensor.
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not sensor - not wiring issue - bad solder joint on main board

After doing everything short of buying replacement parts, I found that re-seating all connectors would cause the problem to go away for a few days or weeks. After several times of this I saw that wiggling the power connector to the main board would cause the lights to go on or off and now I am finding the pins are moving slightly. So I pull the main board out and find bad solder joints on all the pins for power and temperature sensing. With that manufacturing defect you will get the PF and various temp sensor bad or open errors and the circuit is open, just not at the sensor or connectors, but rather on the main board. I am good at soldering (certifications) so I re-soldered the suspect joints and haven't had any problems since (over 2 years)
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Welcome to the forums.

Thanks for the additional information. The trouble codes can be caused by any of the listed issues mentioned here in this thread. This thread will remain in our searchable archives for reference. If you have a question or problem with your appliance.... please feel free to start a new thread.
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