freezer power cord


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freezer power cord

Hello! I have a Gibson (Frigidaire) freezer that is 11 years old (manuf 1999). It was working just fine until we got water in the basement and no one thought to unplug it. I had a repairman look at it last week and he told me he thought the problem was a blown fuse in the power cord. He attempted to order a new power cord and was told that they are NLA (no longer available). Not believing this could be true I contacted and and was told by both that the cord is NLA. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? Certainly there must be a scavenger site where misc parts are available? I know we are living in a disposable world and companies want to sell new but this is ridiculous - junk a freezer for a power cord????
Thanks for your help.
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This must be another case where they are trying to protect the fridge, rather than just the house wiring. Possibly to protect against lawsuit if fridge burst into flames, which I guess has happened.

But most other fridges, to the best of my knowledge, have no such bonus protection.

Either you wil have to get a new plug and install yourself, and forget that added safety feature other fridges don't even have, or, rig up your outlet box to become a fused outlet box (and install most minimal fuse that will not blow), and then also install a new plug on your cord.

Or a GFCI outlet instead of the fuse box, as that will guard against a short. Even a miniscule short.
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Is this an RCD cord set like you now see on Window ACs that has a plug with buttons.
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I have not heard of a fuse in the power cord of a fridge...........possible but pointless.
If there is do not try any diy solutions as they may make your fridge unsafe.

I highly doubt the person who gave you that advice is familiar with fridges as they all use a relay/overload on the compressor as protection which he/she should have known!...........This is likely what you need.
Also, depending on how deep the water was and you have a frost free fridge the timer and related wiring could be wet.

What you need to do is not guess.
You will have to make sure the fridge is unplugged then asses whether it is worth fixing.
The insulation will have soaked up water and will soon corrode what is inside.

Honestly, if the liner is wet you would do well to junk it and get a good used one.
At the very least have someone who can check the wiring inside the cabinet for electrical safety.
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I was really hoping we'd find out what the deal is with that power cord business since either as stated, the repairman was not a bonafide repairman and didn't know what he was talking about, or wasn't telling the truth, which would be nice to know. OR - the manufacturer did not know what it was doing? by putting such cord on the fridge, if according to what was mentioned by Greg, that it is unnecessary to have such a cord ("pointless" was the word used)?

You said you yourself called a parts company - and surely you explained that it had such a cord on it, right? And you did not tell us that they said no such cord was on there. So that got me thinking that maybe - MAYBE - that just because the compressor is protected against an over-amp/heat condition, that that does not mean the entire circuitry of the fridge is protected if THAT overload protector kicks out.

I have a mind to call up my own appliance company that has many, many years experience techs(residential and commercial) that work there, tell me about if such a cord was used.

As far as the water in the basement issue goes, that is another issue aside from the aforementioned purported fused plug - and I agree that this could be a bad situation to simply try to fix the fridge if the fridge got flooded.
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Two techs at the shop, that are in their 50's and 60's have never encountered such a cord. But want to know the make and model, which I did not write down/remember. But I know Gibsons, as we have several in rentals, and I too have never encountered such a cord. I just may call the company tech support for the H of it, to put this saga to rest.
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