LG Front Load Washer - Fixed tub problem due to out of balance load.


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LG Front Load Washer - Fixed tub problem due to out of balance load.

We had a severely out of balance load cause some problems with our LG front loader washer. There was severe thumping, the door seal became 'crumpled', and when we stopped the washer it looked like the tub was sitting lower in the case. Through information we found on this site we were able to piece together how to fix this, but thought we would post our experience as we could not find a thread that matched our situation exactly in case this may help others.

The source of the problem turned out to be that one of the two springs that hold the tub in place had come off while the the tub was thrashing around due to the out of balance load. To fix this all we had to do was remove the top, fish the spring out, put it back in place, and seal the washer up.

To remove the top, there are two plastic braces on the back of the machine, held in place by two screws (one goes into the the back of the lid, the other into the back of the body). I removed the screws, took off the braces, then pressed down on the lid while simultaneously sliding it towards the back. The lid popped loose from the 4 pegs that hold it in place and I was able to remove it.

We then looked inside the body and saw the good spring still attached to one side of the tub, but noticed the missing spring on the other side. Looking at the bottom of the body, we could see the spring and fished it out.

To reconnect the spring we first identified the bottom of the spring by the grease that was inside of the loop and connected this to the tub. I then lifted the tub as far as I could and my wife was able to snap the top of the spring into place into the top frame of the body. We then replaced the plastic clip that is meant to help keep the spring in place.

I then replaced the lid by reversing the steps I took to remove it, it went back in place pretty easily once I got the lip of the lid over the 4 pegs. The whole repair took less than one hour, and probably saved us at least $150 to have someone come out and do it for us. Again, we found lots of great hints on this site that helped us figure out how to do this, so thought we would share our experience as well.
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Thank you!!

I had this same problem with my LG front loader (only mine was the result of washing two cotton bath rugs). The user manual of course doesn't address this at all. In desperation I googled "lg front load washer twisted door seal" and found your post! I followed your instructions and with my husband's help was able to fix the problem. What a great feeling Thanks again!
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Can't thank you enough. My wife did the same thing with a cotton bath rug. We spent 2 hours trying to get the spring connected to the frame. I tried to get the top off, but didn't have any luck. The local appliance repairman said it would be $80 just to stop by. Thank you very much for your post.
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Front Load Washers = Greif

Thanks for the advice, i popped the top off my washer, but my spring on the left side had completley sheared off. We've had so many problems with our LG front load that after one year, we extended our warranty to 5 years. But they still charge us for the service calls. I built a special floor for the washer and dryer, 5 ply pine, levelled to perfection, the LG still bangs around, i should of kept my old heavy duty maytag
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The way to level washer is to put about 4 towels in washer, get them wet and put in spin, Wait until it gets to high spin and adjust 1 of the front legs. You will see it smooth out it turning the right way. You do not want any wiggle in washer. Couild take a little as a 1/2 turn to fix.
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Thank you so much! I was really confused about the problem until I read your post -- same thing with the "crumpled" rubber gasket and spring. Now it's fixed, in less than 30 minutes!
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