Water Leaks Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator


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Water Leaks Frigidaire Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Frigidaire model FRS26ZGH side by side refrigerator with outside water and ice dispenser, purchased in 2001.

It has been leaking water for several days. About once or twice a day it discharges water out the front of the freezer side door onto the floor. We sometimes hear a gush of water, but by the time I try to look for the source of the leak, the leaking has stopped. Each leak is about a cup of water.

The other day I cracked and removed the ice that had formed in the pan shaped bottom of the freezer side, but it filled in again in no time. Once the water leaks down and freezes, the water from new leaks starts going onto the floor.

Does anyone know what causes this?
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OK, since no one has the answer to this problem, I'll post it myself for the benefit of others encountering the same issue.

Here is what I did:

1) Disconnected the fridge from the AC power.

2) Removed the ice from the pan shaped bottom of the freezer side, using the handle of a knife to crack it and then the blade of the knife to get the pieces out, working carefully to avoid damaging the paint, then cleaned the entire area with a soapy cloth.

3) Took a hair dryer and applied heat (on maximum) for several minutes until all the ice melted in the drain trough located across the back of the freezer section a few inches above the bottom pan shaped area, then cleaned the trough and drainage hole area with a soapy cloth.

4) Plugged the fridge back into the AC power.

Two days later I've had no problems. Often the drainage hole freezes up and that is all that prevents the water from draining into it and on to the evaporator pan underneath the refrigerator, and thus ends up in the bottom of the freezer section instead, and eventually flowing onto the floor, causing this problem I had.
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Hi; had the same problem with a sub-zero. Check the drainage hose itself for a blockage. I had to take a pipe cleaner and rig a extension and push it down the tube. Gave it three full in and outs and the problem, and the gunk, was cleared.
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There is a drain line coming off the auto defrost mechanism about mid-height in the back of the freezer. You access it from inside. I don't remember for sure, but I think there were a couple of screws holding the cover in place. A tech showed me his trick, which was to take about a 6-inch piece of #12 or #14 bare copper wire, wrap about half around the auto-defrost heater line, and insert the remainder into the top of the drain tube about 1-inch to keep it from freezing. Had that refrigerator for about three years after that with no repeat of the problem. It started acting up when it was about 2 years old.
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I too have a leak on the freezer side of a Frigidaire side by side. The water in mine pools in the ice dispenser hole on the inside of the freezer and drains out through the water dispenser. It's more of a slow leak than a gusher though. Sound similar?

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