Whirlpool Refrigerator * Outside Hot to Touch


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Question Whirlpool Refrigerator * Outside Hot to Touch

The fridge is a 1999 Whirlpool. It's your basic top freezer, no frills edition. The ice maker hasn't worked for a while. But that's really not my immediate concern. It's been dripping water from the freezer into the lower fridge. The food in the freezer frosted up only once and just recently. Have been wiping up the water inside for a while. But this week I lost meat and dairy products, fruits and veges bc the fridge wasn't cooling enough though the freezer was working fine. I discovered two air passages were blocked by solid ice, so I used a steamer to melt the ice. This still wasn't enough. More water dripped into the lower fridge, so I moved the food out and let it sit unplugged for two days until there was no more water inside. Plugged it back in last night.

Now, I have discovered something I've never noticed before. If you open the freezer door and place your hand on the outside of the fridge where the freezer door gasket makes contact, it is almost too hot to touch. But sometimes it is just luke warm.

What does this mean? Is it safe to have it plugged in? What should I do? I've had food in the freezer for 3.5 hours and it is not staying frozen and my Fav*o*Pops aren't freezing at all. Appears that neither section is cool enough. I've got both of them on the recommended settings. Aw man . . . I just bought some food. Guess I'm going to have to eat all that ice cream.
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I am having a very similar issue. My freezer is building up with frost and then stops working slowly. I've defrosted it a few times and it will start working again for like a week before the process begins again.

My ice makers also hasn't been working - I guess they must be related.
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Rose ~

I'm getting good advice at the Appliance Blog Forum.
Look for me there. Same user name - mwnaiad.

Plus, I think my problem started bc I was putting too much
in my freezer. There has to be space between food items and between the food and the sides of the freezer to allow air flow. Make sure the fan isn't blocked. If you see a passage btwn the freezer and the fridge, make sure it isn't blocked with ice etc.

See if those things work. Let me know if you can't find me on the other forum.
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Sounds like you have a defrost problem or you need to clean your condensor coils. Start with the condensor coils. A model # would help to diagnosis your problem. But if your condensor coils are on the bottom of your unit they may be covered with dust, dog hair, etc. This will effect the cooling of your fridge. If you notice a frost build up on the back wall of your freezer than uyou have a defrost problem.

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