EWWWWWW.....My washing machine smells.


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EWWWWWW.....My washing machine smells.

Not too long ago we added a drain hose extension to our washing machine so we could move it. After a couple of weeks we started to smell a nasty odor. We believed it was coming from the extension, so we removed it. We thought we solved the problem, but now 2 weeks later the smell is back. It smells like a sewage smell, and it only smells when the washing machine starts to agitate.The laundry doesn't smell. The drain where the washer drains into does not smell at all. (We have stuck our noses in there while the machine was agitating and when machine was draining, no smell at all.)We have no other plumbing issues in the house. How do we determine what the smell is coming from and how do we remedy this?
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There are products that work also Tide has one and there ia one called Afresh which customer tell me it works. Follow directions on back of package.
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The issue is the drain hose. Being a ribbed hose dirt gets caught. Recently I had the same problem. Replacing the drain hose was the solution.

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