GE Dryer - Knob Shaft Destroyed


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GE Dryer - Knob Shaft Destroyed


I have a GE Dryer, model number DWSR463EG5WW, in which the knob for setting the temperature/cycle cracked and stopped turning the "shaft" (sorry, don't know the technical term) several months ago. So in order to use the dryer, we've been turning the shaft with pliers. Well, finally the tip of the shaft has broken off too so now it appears we're screwed. I don't see this shaft on the parts diagram from Sears and don't know if it would be replaceable anyway. Am I right about that, or is there some solution that will save us from buying our third for fourth dryer in 10 years? Replacing THIS dryer would be particularly painful since it still WORKS fine--just can't turn it on now!

Thanks in advance.

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The shaft is not replaceable so the control must be replaced.
Fairly straightforward job. Definitely well worth the small investment.

Part # 87 is the heat select control and # 19 is the knob
GE DWSR463EG5WW Complete Parts List

Part # 87 is the heat select control and part # 19

possible control part # WE4M177 and WE4M411
knob part # WHO1X10318
Knob may require insert to fit shaft properly.
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Thank you so much.

So, just to clarify, are you saying I need to get both WE4M177 and WE4M411?

You say replacing this is "fairly straightforward." Does that mean a non-handyman like myself should be able to do it without too much trouble?

Finally, I did buy a replacement knob long ago that was supposedly a replacement for the one that cracked but the opening was circular as opposed to "half-moon" shaped and wouldn't grab onto/turn the shaft. I thought it must have been the wrong part, but did I simply need an insert for it?

Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it.
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It looks fairly easy to me. Just start by unplugging the power, and it appears that the top back cover is screwed on. Remove the cover, carefully remove the wires on the old switch and then remove the switch. Position, align and tighten the new switch and place the wires on the proper terminals. Replace the cover. Install the knob with clip and plug the dryer back in.
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Whoops, it looks to me like I actually need part #WE4M366, which is the timer? That IS the shaft that broke--sorry if my description lead you to believe it was one of the other three controls. Am I right and will that be any more difficult to replace?
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Still not a difficult job just remember to unplug dryer before any repairs. Just did one yesterday had to replace console and whole job took me about 10 minutes. I think there was about 5 or six screws to take out from back of console. leave center lower screw in. unless you want same problem get knob also.
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Great, thanks everyone. Appreciate it.

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