Hollow ice cubes


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Hollow ice cubes

Kenmore 106.72852100 approx 10 yrs old Ice maker Sears part #4317943 approx 4 yrs old
For several months now the ice cubes have been hollow from the ice maker. Also there are big "clumps" of cubes in the basket, as if the cubes were either not fully frozen before dumping or water is spilling over. I've had suggestions of low water pressure but I would think this would give me small cubes but not hollow cubes. The cubes are the right size, just hollow and melt very rapidly. Is there something short of buying another ice maker, this is the second for this refer.
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Is your freezer holding the proper temperature now?

If it is not cold enough, only the exterior freezes and you have "warm ice" (not 0F) that melts quickly and does not chill anything much. I bet the cubes don't "crack" when you drop them in.

I am not expert on the way freezers/ice makers operate, but if it is on a timer, they will not freeze enough with a temperature that is not enough and just dumps whatever is there. I had a similar problem until I found the door gasket on the freezer was not doing its job.

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The temp in the freezer is about -6 so it should be cold enough. I believe everything is timed so I'm wondering if there isn't some way to adjust the time from water input to dump.
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There is a timer but it doesn't affect when it harvests the ice.
There is a temperature sensor mounted to the ice tray that will harvest the ice when it reaches about 10 degrees.

When that thermostat trips the ice maker it then goes into timer mode and turns on the heating element in the ice tray.
The sweeper arm comes around and pushes the ice out of the tray.
The bail arm checks for full ice bin.
The fill valve gets energized for several seconds.

You may have a fill problem. The thermostat is in the front of the ice tray. If there is not enough water in the tray, like to fill the cube mould in the front, then the thermostat gets cold quick since there is no water there to freeze and signals the ice maker to harvest before the cubes are fully frozen.

Make sure the fridge is level front to back. Some ice makers have a cube size adjustment. Try increasing the cube size slightly.
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Dont let me take away from the guys who know because I certainly don't but...
If your still concerned that its a timer issue, and that its dumping the ice too quickly, lift the bail arm so it will think there is a full bin & it wont empty the ice into the bin, over night. The next morning, lower the bail arm & it will dump the ice which has been in the ice maker all night.
If the ice is frozen, it could be a timer issue..?? If its not frozen, it rules out a timing issue..??
Again, don't let my thought side track any real responses cause I don't know

Good luck.
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Sorry I haven't got back sooner, been out of town. I believe now that it is a water problem. I took Dixie2012's advice and put the bail up and waited about eight hours. What I found was that I was getting some cubes solid and some hollow. In fact it's gotten worse! I get no hollow cubes at all!!! What!!! The ice maker can make eight cubes. The first three were solid the last five were hollow. Now there is only water enough for the first three cells, the others are just wet. It's either a plugged saddle valve or a bad valve on the refer (I think). I bought a Sioux Chief Add-A-Line Full-slip Valve Tee and am going to get rid of the saddle valve--never liked them. Then go from there. Thanks to everyone for the advice.
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