My attempts so far have failed to fix the refrigerator


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My attempts so far have failed to fix the refrigerator

So about 2 months ago I started seeing the typical issue where the freezer was really cold and the fridge was warm - I have an over-under whirlpool unit with the condenser in the freezer compartment above and a fan blows the air down the back into the fridge. So I found that the condenser coils where covered in a block of ice. I powered off, unplugged, hit it with blow dryers, patted dry, reassembled and back on. I also at that time cleaned all the dust bunnies off the bottom of the fridge by those coils was fine for a couple more weeks and then the same thing - condenser coils covered in ice.

Without to much troubleshooting I assumed it was the defrost timer and replaced that (Whirlpool Defrost Timer 482493 AP3110896 NEW OEM). After that I started seeing issues with the fridge kicking off and not coming back on....and when it did run I was still getting ice build up which led me to believe that the Heater defroster was not coming on. Another guess and I replaced the thermostat (Defrost Thermostat 4387503 New OEM Whirlpool).

Right now I have my fridge/freezer set to the coldest setting on the dial and the fridge is only right above 40degrees. The fridge cuts off for a long period of time and the temp will reach close to 57-58.. If I turn the dial/screw on the defrost timer into defrost mode and back out the fridge does not kick back on.... Now, if my wife punches the dial (because that's how she handed broken things) it does kick on and start cooling for a while... does this mean the thermostat/dial ?
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If you hit the thermostat/dial and the unit comes on...... then it would sound like the thermostat is defective.

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