Frigidaire dishwasher not getting any water

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Frigidaire dishwasher not getting any water

My Frigidaire stopped pulling water yesterday very suddenly. The cycles all work, but there is no water coming in or out of the unit.

Repairman came today to look at it while I was not home. He said it's "probably" the water valve. He pulled the dishwasher out, noted that someone capped the water valve up against the pipes, informed my spouse that we needed to call a plumber to redirect the pipes so we can have proper access to valve -- charged 60 bucks and left. I am pretty upset because it seems like this guy phoned it in all the way to the bank. He never turned off the water under the sink or checked anything in the dishwasher itself.

How do I proceed? I'm not handy and I don't have money to call a plumber. Is there anything I can do myself?

I saw a photo of the issue he pointed out and yes, the valve is flush to the spackle around the water pipe but there is a screw holding the knob which is how it must have been installed in the first place. Is it necessary to turn this valve to diagnose dishwasher issues?Name:  photo (15).jpg
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Pull the cover plate off the front of the dish washer at the bottom.
Shutoff that valve.
Disconnect the line where it connects to the dish washer.
Set the line in a pan and open up the valve.
Water should come out.
If not the line is likely frozen someplace under the house.
If water does come out then likely it just the solenoid valve where the line connects to the washer.
Posting a model and make helps.
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Yeah, that looks like a valve to close out the water going into the dishwasher. Since it has not been rotated I doubt that is causing the problem of no water inside the dishwasher. If all you want to do is some work on the dishwasher, the same effect can be had by shutting off the main valve to the entire house.

I would do that, then as joe said, disconnect the line going into the solenoid valve (I suspect where the other end of that braided line in the picture connects) and verify that water goes through that braided line, by turning the main valve on and off again (will probably need two people and an ability to communicate quickly with each other). If water does flow out the braided line quickly, then don't bother with that valve in the picture. Just use the main shut off for how often you will need to do this.

When the braided line is off, look inside that solenoid valve (may need a mirror and a flashlight) to see if the screen in there is all crudded up. If so, that is your problem, just clean it out. If no screen is there, that can create a new problem. If water comes out the braided line or not, or if the solenoid valve has a screen and it is clean, report back and we will advise you from there.

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