Dishwasher won't drain


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Dishwasher won't drain

I have a Bosch SHE4AM12UC dishwasher that hasn't been draining. i have searched other forums and have already done the following:
1. Disassembled the drain line and made sure it was clear from drain pump to garbage disposal.
2. Disassembled drain pump and cleared impeller.
3.Cleared internal screen.
The unit drained for a couple of washes but is back to where it was.
The drain line runs down low through a hole in the side of the cabinet and then rises to the disposer.
I have heard that it should run just below the counter top then drop below the disposal entrance and then up to the disposal. Is this correct?
I also would like to know how to skip to the drain cycle on this model.


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To answer the question about how the drain hose should be installed, it should come out of your dishwasher, loop up to the underside of the countertop, and then to your drain.

Is the drain cycle coming on and just not pushing the water out?
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I have heard that it should run just below the counter top then drop below the disposal entrance and then up to the disposal. Is this correct?
It doesn't matter that drain line drops below disposer level.

A typical installation is this:
Drain line enters sink base cabinet at bottom rear.
From there, you run line up (higher the better) and back down to disposer inlet, making a loop, as Keith said.
The high end loop should be secured to cabinet side.
This is to create a vacuum break in line and prevents wastewater from siphoning back into dishwasher should the sink get backed up.

As far as the drain cycle, you can't skip it. You can force a drain by pressing "cancel/drain". Usually this requires pushing 2 buttons simultaneously. The buttons will be marked with a tie between them.

The pump is strong enough to push water up and out. If it's not draining properly it's probably the pump. You also want to check disposer inlet and make sure it's not clogged.
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When you took the pump apart was it clogged with debris ?
Since that machine uses an electric pump it's a little easier to troubleshoot.

You could also have an electrical problem causing the unit not to pump. If pressing the CANCEL button doesn't start the pump then you'll need to look towards an electrical issue.
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