Stumped with Maytag Washer LSE7804ACE that will not agitate


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Stumped with Maytag Washer LSE7804ACE that will not agitate


I've been trying to repair this Maytag LSE7804ACE washer for awhile now and I'm totally stumped.Name:  201805motorwash.jpg
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Size:  40.6 KBName:  img001.jpg
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Size:  49.1 KB Here are the symptoms.

-The washer fills, no problem, to the properly selected level with the properly selected water temperature. Then it stops filling and nothing happens. No action at all, the washer does not agitate.

-If I turn the timer to "spin," the washer then spins and drains the tub no problem, ending its cycle.

-The first time this happened, there was a distinct electrical burn smell.

My first thought was that the motor crapped out but it seemed strange that the motor would work in spin cycle and not in agitate. When I spin the belts underneath by hand I can get the agitator to move properly in one direction and the spin cycle/pump to operate properly in the other. This seemed to prove that nothing was wrong mechanically and it must be an electrical issue.

I know the washer uses a single speed reversible motor with a capacitor and five wire leads but I really don't know much about motors (Details on the motor: P/N 6 2016640-14, Model S67PXHEH-7631). I made a tester wire and connected the motor directly into the wall power and surprisingly, the motor works perfectly in both directions, the washer agitates and spins (depending on how you connect the wires). I've attached a picture below of how I connected the tester wires to get it to work both ways. So after doing this, I figured OK, the motor is definitely good, even if it does have a couple spots that are dark or burned looking in the coil and even if it does seem to be the source of the burn smell. I figured, it must be something else.

So I accessed the lid safety switch and I tested it with an ohm meter. It tested fine.

I tested the capacitor for the motor too but it was hard to tell if my digital multimeter was responding the way it should (it's a cheap one). Anyhow, the capacitor looked fine, not misshapen or burned so I moved on.

I figured it wasn't related to the water valves, or pressure switch since, the water fills and stops filling as intended.

So next, using an ohm meter, I tested the timer. The timer tested good but since the motor seemed fine and the switch seemed fine and everything else seemed fine, I figured it must be the timer and I bought another one and replaced it anyway. Sure enough, the new timer made no difference. Still no agitate.

So, that's where I am now. Totally stumped as to how to fix this thing and hoping that some of you out there who are way better at this than me can give me a clue.

I've attached a picture of the wiring diagram/schematic too, in case it is helpful.

Please hit me up with tips and information. I'm determined to fix this thing. Thanks for any and all help in advance. :cheers:

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Welcome to the forums.

This is one of those stackable or combo units ?

Have you checked the fill level switch ?
When the water gets to the proper level the switch turns the fill valves off and starts the timer and motor.

I can't see the schematic clearly.
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Thanks for the welcome.

Yes, this is one of those stackable washer/drier units. I have checked the fill level switch but not properly.

All I can say is the water level stops where it is suppose to and if you blow pressure into the switch it clicks and sends the shut-off signal to the valve.

Any tips for testing the switch more definitively would be great. Also sorry for the poor visibility on the schematic. Here's a version I downsized before attaching, hope it comes out better.

Name:  img001.jpg
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