Are ozone washing machines any good?

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Are ozone washing machines any good?

The other day, I saw a company that sells and installs EcoWasher; a device that "creates ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and negative ions within the water", allowing you to wash with just cold (required) and without soap.

I was intrigued enough to research these types of equipment, and the reviews fall into two categories; people who have never tested them, but are certain that they do not and cannot work, and reviews that claim to be from actual users with rather positive opinions.

Does anyone here have any actual experience with this sort of product?
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Never ever heard of one or worked on one. If thinking of getting one may have problems getting service.
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In reading a bit on it, the "machine" is an auxiliary device about the size of a cap block costing about $300 that injects OO2 and H2O2 into the tub, apparently in line with the cold water line. Skeptical, you betcha.
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Years ago I read of a test using clothes that were dirty but not stained. They tried several detergents and no detergent at all and the result was the same in all cases. I think the device would "work" for some people because some clothes will come out clean with just plain water.
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Not a good idea.
Ozone is extremely corrosive to rubber and is toxic to humans.

Anecdotal report warning!

Our hospital tried ozone generators on all their washers and the problem was it was only effective on some types of dirt.
It became too complicated to separate dirt types and run separate loads.

A more important drawback is that ozone is very corrosive to rubber and toxic to humans.
Ozone is a disinfectant and the company was asked how to measure ozone content of each load.
They said we should smell the clothes at the end of the cycle to detect the sweet distinctive ozone smell.......not exactly something you want workers to do on a daily basis.

The method that the generators admitted ozone to the wash was that a tube installed in the drum admitted the gas to the drum.
The agitation of the water caused the ozone in the drum to be absorbed by the water.
The drums are mostly sealed but near the top there are openings for water admittance and such........because of this there was a distinctive ozone odor in the whole department.

The generators sit disconnected on the wall behind the washers as an expensive reminder that good ideas aren't always so.
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Thank you, GregH, for a detailed real-world account. I had read previously that rubber tubes would have to be replaced if ozone was introduced. The companies also, of course, say that one should pretreat stains as normal.

My experience with washing machines in general is that they are not really there for stains. That's what pretreating and rubbing with a brush is for. Washing machines are for "everyday" dirt and freshening. While I would like my dress shirts to be washed better on cold and like the idea of saving money at the same time, it appears that this probably isn't the solution. I'll stick with soaking in a bucket of oxyclean prior to washing.

If, in the future, I feel like trying this, I'll do some tests with washing, washing on cold, washing on cold without soap, and washing with one of these devices, and give my results.
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Ozone for laundry can work quite well if implemented and controlled correctly.
Laundry | International Ozone Association

Sadly due to price wars and poor maintenance ozone commonly gets a bad name. It is important to remember though, that the science of ozone is proven and solid.

That small EcoWash ozone generator you are looking at may not be the best representation of ozone. It does not produce much ozone, and it does a poor job of dissolving ozone into water. Therefore, it does not bring the best of ozone capabilities to the table. While it can help reduce soap, and it could do a little for you, by no means is it going to be a quality ozone generator to replace hot water and eliminate soap in laundry.

It is also important to point out that all natural rubber (Bana-N) seals in your laundry machine will be harmed by ozone. Please remember the chlorine from city water also harms these seals. So it is very likely that no faster deterioration of seals, gaskets and o-rings will be noticed with ozone vs already existing chlorine.

Info on ozone: **********

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