Downdraft Exhaust on a CookTop

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Downdraft Exhaust on a CookTop

I just want to get a confirmation on this.

Does a Downdraft Exhaust on a CookTop use a filter and not a duct required system right? In other words, when I install my CookTop on an Island, I don't need to run ducts and connect to it like a Range Hood right?
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NO. A downdraft require exhaust ducting. Even then it is generally a poor performer compared to an overhead exhaust hood.
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Thank you Mr. Pilot.

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I think one caveat to the performance issue is "typical residential units" are poor performers. If you want to spend $2000-3000 on a commercial model like I've seen in some cook at the table restaurants, it would probably be a different matter.

Nothing is going to beat a good range hood though...heat rises, right?
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In addition, the high volume exhaust fans can create negative pressure issues with naturally drafted combustion appliances, ie a gas water heater or furnace. When that is the case, then additional ducts are needed to provide a balancing flow of incoming air.

Just fyi,
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...heat rises, right?
Actually, heat travels equally well in ALL directions. Hot AIR, however does indeed rise.
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If your house was built for a downdraft top, you would know it.

Do you have ductwork in the foundation and just don't want to hook it up? If so, this is not advisable. It's a pain to hook up a downdraft system, but it's doable using several types of adapters. Let us know.
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I don't have a range hood above my peninsula. It is just a regular cheap fan which I don't even know if the ducts work properly or have been cleaned. The fan does work.

I was debating to install a Range Hood or this DownDraft. But since the DownDraft is not recommended over the Range Hood, I will go with the Range Hood route.

I guess I will remove the current fan and connect the duct from the Range Hood through there. ONE BIG PROBLEM and not sure why. The fan is not centered over the CookTop. It seems that I will have to move the existing duct opening 8 inches to the left.
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most likely a rafter in the way of moving fan.

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