Subzero 650 refrigerator fan runs nonstop


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Subzero 650 refrigerator fan runs nonstop

We have been in our house for about a year. We have a Subzero 650/S3 that is about 7-8 years old. I have noticed lately that it is always running (fan on). The freezer is set for 0 deg and refrigerator set for 36. I believe it is refrigerator portion because when I open door, fan continues to run. I know that when we open freezer, that the freezer fan should stop. So, the times I have tested it, if I open freezer, fan conitinues running so it must be that the fridge portion is the culprit. Food stays cold and frozen food stays frozen. Also, nothing in refrigerator freezes.

In our previous house, we had a leak in sealed system of Subzero, and we got a warning that said "vacuum condenser". There is no such warning on this one. Even first thing in the morning when no one has opened the refrigerator for hours, it will still be on.

I have not noticed a high electric bill. I'm just surprised that I have never heard the fan shut off. I know fan should shut off when you open door (as freezer does), but I would think that would be a separate issue, as it does not ever shut off when door stays closed.

I ran diagnostics, and no error codes from fridge. I do hear the vibration of a compressor shutting off occasionally. Not sure if it is for fridge or freezer as they are separate.

Do we have an issue?

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I just started having the same thing with a 650 bought in 2008. I powered the unit off for two minutes, then powered it back on - now the fan is silent. the Temperature of both sections is as set (0 and 37)

That said I expect I truly have a problem.
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I think we do too. We had a 2001 model in our other house that started like this and then always said "vacuum condenser". It ended up being a leak in the sealed system. Luckily, it was still under warranty.
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I'm the appliance tech but I have limited experience in the Sub Zero units. I do know that they have a lot of issues with the evaporator coils leaking.

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