Dishwasher Drain Loop Behind Stove?


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Dishwasher Drain Loop Behind Stove?

With the help of these forums I've gone through the theoretics of my dishwasher install and as I'm preparing for a last-minute supply run for both appliances, I told my wife that I was planning to loop the high part of the dishwasher drain behind the gas stove. Her question was "what about heat" and I had to admit that I hadn't thought of that.

Anyone more experienced have any thoughts or ideas?

Here's a link describing my dishwasher positioning and if it helps, the stove is also brand new.

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I was involved in the original thread. I don't think any mention was made of going behind the stove. I think it doesn't matter that the line runs behind stove, but I wouldn't loop it there.

The loop is to prevent waste water from entering drain hose should the sink back up and flood with sewer water. The closer that loop is located to the sink, the better. Less waste water will enter hose if this event ever happens.
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You're right. I hadn't mentioned the stove.

Basically, I have a double sink with an underside crowded with drains, an reverse osmosis system (tank and four filters) and a big disposal. Beside it is a 14" cabinet, a 30" stove cut-out, a 9" cabinet and then the dishwasher. (It was the best place for it to go, a cabinet was modified to contain it and my countertops arrive in twelve hours, so the dishwasher position can't change)

With that big blank space for the stove there, it seemed like a natural place to put the high part of the hose; there's plenty of room to work and because the tile was laid around the cabinets, I only have 34" below the countertops, while the stove back is 47". A big blank spot with a highback stove masking it, which can't get pushed all the way back because of the gas, if it weren't for the question of heat, it seems like a good place to go.

Of course I could run the drain along the floor as I first thought after learning that it's difficult to go through the floor, but that doesn't leave me a lot of room for a loop. I'm sure it's doable, but adding it to the underside of the sink will also add to when someone opens those doors, they think "what is all this".
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Most new dishwashers have the loop already in them. Might be under the insulation. If there you will not have to loop the drain hose. Loop closer to sink is nice.
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The installation instructions say the loop must be at least 32" above the floor, so what I did was drill through the base of the cabinet next to it, then in the blank space behind the stove, my plan is to take it up to the top of the cabinet between it and the sink, where I've drilled pathways behind a drawer and I should be able to push the 7/8" extension hose up to where it bumps the 34" countertop and then go out the other hole to below the sink, where it'll be coming in a few inches above the disposal knockout. Unless I'm missing something, that's what I'll do tomorrow after the backsplash glue has set.

Thanks to all for their help.

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