Estate/Whirpool Washer Stopped Spinning


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Estate/Whirpool Washer Stopped Spinning

Estate by Whirlpool washer suddenly stopped spinning one night.Itwould just barely agitate and made a loud, grinding noise.After watching Youtube videos, I decided to check the motor coupling.I took if off and saw it was broken.I replaced the motor coupling and hooked it up and went to spin cycle.It spun but sounded different.A few minutes later, the washer shut off and a burning smell came from it.After reading other threads about replacing the motor coupling, I found out that it needed to be flush or the burning smell would occur.I took it apart and reinstalled the coupling.This time I made sure it was flush.Tried it again but now it didn't do anything in rinse or spin cycles.But no burning smell this time.Any help would be appreciated.
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What's the model number? What do you mean, "it didn't do anything"? Motor running or not? Noise from motor (hum), or all quiet? Does it fill? Drain? More info please.
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Thanks for replying.I've searched all over for the model number.I only see(under the lid SE 8280869.
When I said "didn't do anything".I meant as far as spinning and rinsing.The motor runs.It fills up and agitates for a few minutes(although the agitator turns full circle) and then everything just stops completely.It doesn't make it to rinse or spin cycles.And it doesn't drain.
Before I replaced the bad motor coupling, it drained but made a loud grinding noise while doing so.
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Model # top number under back of lid (sometimes hard to read) Check your lid switch may be unplugged.
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I stuck a screwdriver in the lid switch and it worked in rinse and spin mode.Thanks a million Pugsl.I would have never thought to check the lid switch.

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