Maytag MAH6500AWW Washing Machine....drain hose pumping too much volume?


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Maytag MAH6500AWW Washing Machine....drain hose pumping too much volume?

Hi everyone,
I own a Maytag front loading washing machine (MAH6500AWW), and I am having an issue with the draining cycle.
The issue is that when the machine pumps the drain water out of the hose into the drain pipe, the drain pipe overflows seemingly not able to handle the volume of water being pumped. A decent amount of the water will go down the drain, but the remainder backs up, and pours out on the floor.
The obvious answer would be a clogged drain (which it still might be), but other items attached to that drain seem to work fine. I will be renting a power snake tomorrow to attempt to root out that issue.
Could there be an issue with the machine? Could the pump be failing, thereby expelling the drain water at too much speed/pressure.

Thank you,
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It's the drain not the washer.
Most likely it's plugged up in the trap.
A simple cheap snake should be able to clean it out.
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Your machine is ok. Like Joe mentioned.... you have a blockage in the drain system.
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My question would be, although other appliances etc use the same line, where do they dump into the line at? In other words, if the other appliances etc, dump into the line farther down the way, its probable the line is clogged before the other appliances. Therefore your washer waste is not passing through, but other appliances are after the clog & pass ok.

If your snake gets to a certain place & stops & wont seem to break through the blockage, consider other obstructions, like roots or a broken drain line, especially if its an old clay line. A clay line can sometimes break off & block the line because of roots. Therefore your snake will go in to that point but not be able to get through the blockage because of something hard like a piece of the clay line. Even if its a plastic line, although not very likely, a root could grow & grow & eventually break off a piece of PVC & block the line. Again, not very likely in my view but don't rule it out if all else fails.

In the end, I betting on a blockage even though other appliances do drain through the same line. While I am not appliance tech, I don't think a water pump is going to pump too much water.... not that much extra water. Again, JMHO... not a technical opinion.

Good luck.....
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As everybody has said problem is with drain. Reason washer overflows and other places don't is washer puts more water into drain in a short period of time. In your case every time it drains there will be 7 to 8 gallons of water going down the drain in a couple of minutes. Have gone to many service calls for this.

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