Compression fitting not grabbing tubing

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Compression fitting not grabbing tubing

Hi, a simple 5 minute task has become a frustrating chore. I am replacing the compression nut to install a water line to my fridge. It's exactly the same as the old, damaged nut. However, the nut is not grabbing onto the plastic tubing. Therefore, the slightest pull or water pressure and the tubing comes off the nut. Do I just have a defective part? Do I still need to buy a sleeve? I thought a sleeve was built into this.

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If it is compression there should also be a ferrule that goes inside or outside the tube. Without the ferrule it will not create a seal. I have never had any luck reusing a ferrule and always had to install a new one when changing a compression fitting.
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Thanks Tolyn, after reading reviews on the product, I've come to realize that the product I purchased is a piece of junk. A lot of people report the same issue i did, where the insert does not fit properly over 1/4" tubing. I will be returning and finding a different product to use.
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First of all, use the right product. I don't care what was on there before.

Plastic tubing means a brass insert and a Delrin compression ring. And the ring must be installed in the correct direction per the instructions. IE long or short bevel towards nut. Can't tell you for sure which way that is right now, but I think it's long towards the fitting and short towards the nut.

Copper can have slightly different inside and outside diameters so you have to match the fitting specs to the actual size of copper you have. Can a brass nut, ring, and insert fit on plastic tubing? Sure, if you have the right fitting. Should it be used? Not in most cases as the brass ring can cut the tubing.

Finally, does the one you are buying say "safe for potable water" or "lead free" or similar?

Don't blame the product when it might just not be the right one for the use it's being put to. That's not to say the Chinese factory where it was made couldn't have messed up.

I use for information. I had forgotten about the potable water thing.

And just a note...the ferrule is actually the ring, not the insert. I called the insert the ferrule for years. Just to prevent miscommunication, now I say nut, insert, and ring. I re-use inserts all the time, but the rings are trash after they have been used. I don't like the ring that is already attached in the nut either, makes it hard to tell what kind of fit it has on the tubing. Luckily, they just pop loose with a bit of side pressure.

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