Kenmore Dishwasher won't drain

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Kenmore Dishwasher won't drain

My kenmore dishwasher, model 665.13279k113 will not drain. I cleared a blockage in the line, but it's still not draining. I am 100% confident that the hoses from the pump to the garbage disposal are clear. When I removed the hose from the pump, water gushed out onto the floor, so I am confident that there is no blockage in the interior of the DW either. Water seems to drain into the hose by gravity power, but will not pump upward along the DW or up the wall into the sink cabinet to the disposal. Garbage disposal is not blocked either, and there is no plug in the disposal. Everything was previously working fine.
When I select the cancel/drain button and close the door, I can hear the pump cycle on, pause, cycle on, pause, and cycle on and remain on. It does not seem to have that stuck motor hum that I would expect if the motor was not turning. everything sounds normal, but no water is being pumped into the dishwasher.
Thoughts? Thanks, Justin
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I had a problem with not all the water pumping out a few years ago. the solution was to move the drain hose so it ran first up, then over to the drain. Your problem sounds like a pump or motor issue. Just thought if it's draining but not all the way, it could be what I had.
I think the motor reverses direction to pump the water out.
hope this helps.
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We had the same problem it sounds like.
Ours would have about an inch of water left after a full cycle, but it would drain when we pushed Cancel/Drain.

Changed the rubber Check Valve C$60- still happened
Changed the drain pump motor C$180- still happened (even though I checked it electrically and it was fine - think the parts store just wanted a sale!)
Changed the drain hose C$65 on the dishwasher that attaches directly to the drain pump (NOT the extra drain line that goes into your sink drain / P-trap). After taking it off the washer and placing finger inside the 90 deg bend there is another one way flapper valve here. THIS WAS THE PROBLEM it seems...

So try changing the hose first it may save a ton of cash and swearing.
Make sure though it's an OEM or equivalent hose with a valve in - A LOT DON"T
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OP never returned so useless to reply to this thread.

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