General dishwasher question

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General dishwasher question

Hello everybody just looking for a little guidance in regards to dishwashers. Here's the deal. I recently began living with my grandmother because my grandfather passed away and I need to take care of her and I want to start using the dishwasher she has in her home but the thing is she's lived in this house for like 10 to 15 years and they never once used the dishwasher for whatever reason. She's just used it as storage the whole time. Anyways I'm pretty sure it was brand new when they moved in but I I've been trying to look into what I might be up against and have read how dishwashers should be run every once in awhile at least to keep the seals and everything from drying out, etc. but if they'd never got used in the first place is there a better chance that they might still be okay compare to if they had been used a long time ago and then sat for awhile? I'm figuring I can probably just go for it with a test run and just watch it the whole time to see if it starts leaking and if so, shut it off but like I said I'm just trying to figure out what I might be up against and if it's even possible or probable that I might be able to get it working (even if I have to replace a few SEALS or something as long as they're not expensive) or should I just start looking for a new one altogether and look at it as a lost cause? Thank you!
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Welcome! I install only, not a tech. If budget allows I would recommend a new install with a new unit.
I have a Kenmore Elite (maybe $450 to 1200). For that price the dishwasher performs almost like hand scrubbing and it will clean pots or anything.
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Some machines would be more prone to leaks than others.
A two pump machine would be less likely to have a leak.

I would recommend doing a load or a test run with the lower kick plate removed.
Keep checking for any drips or leaks under the machine.

Don't put hands/flashlight under the machine while power is connected.
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Thank you guys so much I really appreciate your help! Think maybe I will go ahead and try the test run, just in case I get lucky and it actually works okay by chance and if not we'll know to replace it. I'm not sure how many pumps it is, I think it's just a basic one that comes with the house. Like I said, I don't know much about them, the most I know about it right now is it is a Kenmore brand. I'll get that plate off and clean out Grandma's storage and do the test run by this weekend and post the results just in case anybody else wants to know what happened. Again thank you guys very much!
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If you're sure it has never been run (even once) then I'd say you're good to go. But if it was used when they first got it (maybe a few times), then do the test run without anything in it as PJ suggested.

Two particular places to look for leaks. At the overflow valve (lower front right corner) and at the water inlet solenoid valve (front lower left side). Also the valve that taps off the hot water pipe that feeds the sink. If it hasn't been turned in a while it most likely will leak at the stem.

I think you're going to be OK.

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