Front loader washer - unbalanced and load spinning


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Front loader washer - unbalanced and load spinning

Hi all,
I'm hoping others can help out with whether or not my brand new LG front load washer has issues - I've owned the unit for less than a month. It seems that with a standard load, and spin on medium, the drum in the washer spins unbalanced. I'm not an expert, but is the video of the spin normal?

Here is the quick video showing the drum/noise during the spin cycle. Let me know if there are other tests I can provide the video for to help identify if there are issues with the drum - and unbalanced.

Washing Machine Spin

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Welcome to the forums.

I'm not an authority on front loaders but that doesn't look normal to me. I would think the tub should spin fairly evenly. My partner may have a better idea.

Did you try changing loads to see if it made a difference ?

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To level your front load washer. First throw away the level not needed. 2. make sure it is solid on floor no wobble. 3. wet 3 or 4 towels and get washer to a high spin 4 take one of the front legs and adjust while in spin If shake gets worst you are going the wrong way. you will see the washer smooth out. This could take as little as a 1/2 turn or as much as a couple of turns
If washer is in a pan this is much harder as you will have to tilt washer each time you try to make a adjustment.
I just looked at video and yours looks like a bent basket with that much wobble in a empty washer. I would call either LG or where you bought it from and get a new washer. make sure all the packing materials have been removed and shipping bolts taken out from back. In many years of repairing have never seen a empty washer bounce like yours.
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Thanks all - appreciate your responses. Iíve tried several loads with the same result. What I did notice is that the shaking seems to be worse in the middle spin cycle. For the very end spin - which is the highest - it seems to spin much faster and balanced.

I did check the leveling as suggested, so I think the washer is fine there. Either way, Iím worried the drum being unbalanced like in the video will cause other damage down the road, so will call LG.

Thanks both,


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