Amana dryer issues


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Amana dryer issues

I am in a rental and the landlord can not be reached until June so that is a dead end.
Problem with Amana Electric Dryer Model NED4655EW1
Dryer vents to roof and I have cleaned vent with snake and blower. Light passes through. Camera shows no lint/buildup in pipe. Vent flex pipe is new, no buildup or kinks/excessive bends. All done hoping to fix problem but slow drying still issue.
Currently when dryer is plugged in, it gets hot without being turned on and red glow can be seen in vent in drum. I used putty knife to pop the top and no buildup inside, vacuumed it out to be sure. The metal tube on the rear left is hot and red it is not on, door open and only plugged in.
For safety, it it currently unplugged. In high school I worked at a repair shop but mainly worked on washers. I feel confident that if this is the coil or thermal fuse, I can replace it easily myself. Any insight would be great and much appreciated.

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As long as it is heating none of the heating elements are bad. Sounds like the contacts in the timer are stuck closed. Does the drum quit turning when door is opened?
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It was taking a few drying cycles to get loads fully dry. So I cleaned the dryer and vent. And drum stops when door is open. The only thing else I can think out of place is the last load I dried in 1 cycle was painfully hot even after a several minutes.
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There is a fan that sucks air into the drum through the heating element tube and blows it out the vent. If the fan isn't running at full speed, or there is an air leak around the drum, that would cause slow drying and the heating coil to run abnormally hot.

On my Whirlpool dryer, there is a seal around the back of the drum, near the back wall of the dryer. The seal attempts to make the drum assembly air tight so that the drum pulls it's air from the heating element. Over time, the seal will dry out and not seal well, allowing air to be pulled in from the back of the drum rather than the heating element.
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it gets hot without being turned on and red glow can be seen in vent in drum.
That is a problem and from your problem description...... you have a partially shorted element to ground.
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Thanks for the help and sorry for delay in response. I replaced the element and all is well. I also hammered out a dent on the back panel that might have been touching the element housing. 3/4 of the coils on the old element were black and brittle, 1 row looked new. The hardest part was obtaining the part. Tried 3 shops on Saturday and they were all closed, Lowe’s nor Home Depot carry the part in store. Had to wait til Monday to get it.

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