Whirlpool stove insulation


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Whirlpool stove insulation

TL;DR - Can you replace stove fiberglass insulation with house fiberglass batts?

Long version:
Hi, I had a question about my Whirlpool stove. So, I have this stove I acquired from a family member. Well, unfortunately, like everything else in their house, this thing is pretty gross, tbh. (yeah, like house on your local news bad.) Why would I take it then? Simple. It was a $900 stove, that was only two years old. Now of course they didnt take care of it because they didnt pay for it. But, that's a rant for another time and place. Anyway, it was attacked by mice. I've finally gotten around to taking it apart to clean it. Soon, I realized why it smelled so awful was the mice turned the insulation into their bathroom. I pulled all the insulation out and it looks like regular fiberglass. Now, I have some left over batts from when I remodeled my house. Can I use those? If not, can I use fireplace insert fiberglass? Home Depot had it for $18 for 10ft roll. Doesn't say anything specific about high heat, but it says for gas fireplaces, which are going to be hot, of course. The insulation that came out of the stove isnt exactly fireproof, as it burns when exposed to a torch, again like regular house fiberglass. I can get it from Whirlpool for $75, but as it already needs new glass, I dont want to spend a ton on this.

As far as cleaning the rest of it goes, I'm going to let it soak in oven cleaner and then engine degreaser. Oh, it turns out SuperTech engine degreaser is a great multi purpose cleaner. It's basically just a concentrated soap. Not very good at degreasing engines, though.

Update: I'm almost certain that it was just regular old fiberglass. I burned it because I didnt want that laying around until it gets hauled away to the landfill. For something that is supposed to safely keep the heat in an oven, it sure is flammable. I leaning towards going ahead with regular insulation now. Would still like to know what you guys think.

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