Dishwasher - washer pump low pressure


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Dishwasher - washer pump low pressure

Hi Guys,

Was hoping there might be an expert who knows exactly what's going on with this dishwasher. Everything seems to work as per normal but the washer pump isn't producing pressure (see attached photo).

I have access to the pump/motor assy, nothing seems to be clogging the impeller, windings look good etc. I will make sure the impeller is not turning on the shaft but aside from this, is there anything else that screams out?

I've got a million projects on sorry to be lazy I'm hoping to get the quick and dirty without having to spend half a day investigating =.

Thanks in advance,

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Beat you all to it sorry about the useless post.

It has some kind of diverter valve after the pump, I guess for sending water upstairs and downstairs. The motor that turns it was blown and I think valve was stuck half way between anywhere useful.

Thanks anyway, hopefully useful to future searchers!
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Glad you got the problem fixed.

What would make this a really helpful thread would be to have the make and model number in it.

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