Whirlpool washer water levels


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Whirlpool washer water levels

I just recently got this new washer (WTW4855HW1) and after trying the different options (deep wash, deep rinse, auto sensing, bulky load, etc.), the water level is low and because of that, the agitator hardly agitates. This is the first time I used a new "HE" washer, so I'm not sure if this is normal, but I'm hoping it's not.. I'm waiting to hear from the manufacture but I figured I'd see what other people say.

This video shows the normal load setting, but even with the bulky setting, it's just slightly more water and according to the manual, that's supposed to offer the most water. The video is in portrait =\

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I am surprised you can open the lid with washer running. There is a lid lock to stop this. HE High efficiency washer was mandated by EPA several years ago and this is what you get, Low water levels, slower agitation for power saving and less ware on clothes. Use HE soap only. I know they sound funny as I have gone on many service calls for this. It is the way they are made no days. unless you buy a top line washer. 1000$ usually.
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I took the mechanism off the lid and put into the slot to keep the switch activated just so I can see how it works. I watched it for the whole cycle and my top layer of clothes never made it under the water. Even with the little bit of extra water on the bulky option, the clothes near the agitator went up and down with each spin (while staying in the same place), but the other clothes around it stayed on top of the water. It doesn't look like much cleaning is going on.

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