Installing a dishwasher? Is there an outlet?


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Installing a dishwasher? Is there an outlet?

My wife is convinced our dishwasher is going to fail soon and wants a new one. I think she just wants a SS DW to go with our new SS refrigerator.

Anyhow.... the stores won't install one unless it is plugged in. If it is hardwired they require an electrician. I pulled the kickplate off and see a piece of romex coming off it, going across the bottom and up the back. I can't see where it goes after that. The house is 12 years old. Could it be hardwired, or is there an outlet on the back? The romex suggests hardwiring. but I've seen plugs on romex, so it doesn't prove anything.

I installed one myself 15 years ago at my old house when the store refused to do it because the garbage disposal and the DW shared a circuit. But I was 15 years younger then. Of course I had to reinstall the fridges water line myself because it leaked after the "installer" did it...
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Why donít you just pull the dishwasher out a bit? If thereís an outlet itíd probably be right there behind/next to it.
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If you see Romex going to your dishwasher it's likely hardwired. Dishwashers are really easy to install if you wish to try. Just make sure you also get a hook up kit as modern dishwashers have a different water fitting than older models but most install kits have an adapter fitting.
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Like pilot Dane says, it's hard wired. It's worth the time and trouble to install an outlet there.
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Typically a dishwasher outlet is installed under the sink. 2017 code requires dishwashers in dwellings to be GFCI protected.
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Whether or not you install an outlet use a strain relief in the knock out hole of the dishwasher hookup box to prevent the sharp edge of the metal from cutting your Romex or power cord.

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