GE washer stopped working


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GE washer stopped working

I have a 6 year old GE top-loading washer, model number GLWN2800D0WS (perhaps this is GE G154 washer?). Suddenly it stopped working: after the water is filled, the motor/agitator would not operate at all. Until it times out and the water is drained. Drainage worked ok. The spin phase would not work either. Though the motor (at least a noticeable hum) seem to work? There is another strange thing. Usually when the spin cycle is on, the motor would stop immediately if I open the lid. But now the hum did not even stop when I open the lid.

Any idea how to start diagnosing this problem?

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First thing to try is to reset computer' Unplug washer for about a minute, Plug in open and close lid about 7 or 8 times. See if that helps. Next take off front (there are 2 clips a thin putty knife slide under clips) Front will pull off and lift off bottom clips. I found this about codes
HydroWave GE Washer Repair Guide
Hard to find but to clear code is after # 10 in list of codes.
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Thanks pugsl for responding. I finally opened the front panel of the washer. No light blinking in the motor housing area at all. I noticed that most likely my model was built in 2010 or later, so no fuse (according to the info from the website you mentioned above).

I noticed flooding on the metal floor of the washer. Wonder if there is leakage from somewhere...

Also, I re-tested the spin cycle which I mentioned in the original posting. I was wrong As now I can see the motor, it did NOT turn when the spin cycle was on; it was the pump motor that was humming.

Is it safe to assume then that the problem is with the motor?

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