Venting a microwave into a garage?


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Venting a microwave into a garage?

Our kitchen has the garage on the otherside of the wall, and we have no vent over the stove. A microwave is above the store, but doesn't vent. (Upstate NY)

I am guessing that putting warm moist air into the garage is a bad idea. There is a room over the garage, so running it into the garage and up through the roof isn't going to happen. It could only go one way to the side, and that would be right next to the front door, so that isn't good.

Any suggestions on how to vent the kitchen?
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I doubt that the amount of moist air from your microwave in an unheated garage will make difference. Think about a car in winter with all that snow ani ce or even salt attached to it. A garage is a garage and unless you use it as living space I would not worry about.
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Only concern would be a penetration between the house and garage, fire and CO issues, code as well.

As far as moisture I agree with Norm, not a problem.

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First, I am not disagreeing with any statements made so far. Having said that, based on the OPs post, this must be a NY thing. Venting a microwave??????????

(suprised) I've never heard of this. Again, I'm not saying it isnt the proper thing to do in his case, but I've never seen this in all my microwaving years. Down here in Louisiana, we just sit it on the kitchen counter & let'er run.

Educate me.....
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Dixie, larger microwaves like you might put on the cabinets or mount over your oven are often vented. Smaller ones that sit on a counter aren't.
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Also they may be referring to an over the oven microwave/oven recirculating vent unit and now want to vent it outside.

Venting into a garage may be against the code due to the carbon monoxide concerns as Bud9051 said.
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Most over the range microwaves have an external vent option. The venting is not for the microwave itself but for the range.
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Good point CW. The microwave itself need not be vented but many people want the oven and stove top vented. It's not a New York thing. Just a nice option to have. Wish I could do it but my configuration won't allow it.

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