Dryer repair advice needed

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Dryer repair advice needed

TL;DR, (1) Do I need to replace anything else in my dryer when I replace the belt? (2) Do I open the dryer from the front or from the rear?

The reason I ask is because I was doing an internet search for parts and I saw a repair kit that included the belt and some rollers (or roller-looking things) in several search results. Is it common to replace rollers when a belt is replaced? I watched some YouTube videos and none of the repairmen in the videos even mentioned rollers.

The whole nine yards:
I’m sure that, despite my best efforts, I will not provide you with all the info you’ll want but please bear with me.

My dryer drum has not been spinning properly lately. A few days ago it wouldn’t spin at all. I have been debating whether to hire someone to repair it or to try and fix it myself. I’ve been inside it before so I thought I’d try taking a look. My guess is that the belt is shot. The units is 10+ years old and the belt has never been serviced.

After watching a couple of YouTube videos I decided to open the dryer up. I have opened it up before to repair/palace the logic board and maybe the heating unit. I don’t remember anymore. I’ve definitely always gone in from the top, and back if needed. Tonight I managed to remove the top cover, the door, and the front plate at the bottom of the dryer.

I can hold the door sensor button and make the dryer come on. When I first tried it tonight, it wouldn’t turn. But when I gave it a little help, it got unstuck spun right up. I turned it off and on a few times and it seems to work just like it should.

I inspected the belt and it is dry rotted. it clearly needs to be replaced. The dryer is a Maytag. The model is MED9700SQ0.

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The technical videos only show what needs to be done based on the actual defective part.
Appliance parts pros - belt only replacement
Repair clinic - roller replacement

The other videos by homeowners show doing the belt as well as the idler pulley and rollers.
Belt, idler and roller replacement

When I change the belt I normally won't change the rollers in the back.
I normally don't change the idler either.
I do use a pinpoint oiler and give the idler pulley and the rollers one drop of oil.
You do not want to get any oil on the idler pulley or belt.

It's not a bad idea to change the rollers and the idler when the belt is replaced.
It's fairly inexpensive and easy to do once the drum is out.

While the drum is out.... be sure to vacuum the ducts and fan area.
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Did you try turning the drum in the correct direction by hand, Does it turn fairly easily.
You may have to do this on a couple other dryers to get a feel for it.

If the answer is yes then it sounds like it could be a motor problem,

Does the belt slip/spin on the drum?
Do the support rollers turn easily?

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For a unit that is 10+ years and your going through all the effort to remove the drum the rollers are a very easy part to replace.

We had an older Whirlpool and it started making knocking noises where the wheels would roll over the seam in the drum, new rollers helped the old ones had rubber that had hardened over the years.
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I’ve disassembled the dryer and gotten the old belt out. The rollers all seem okay to me but the idler does not turn easily. I will replace it with the belt. Thanks for all the advice!

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