Oven Fan Getting Loud

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Oven Fan Getting Loud

Ten month old LG electric range, model LSE4613ST. A few weeks ago my wife said the oven fan was making noise. Assuming she is the noisemaker I chose to ignore her. Well, yesterday when I turned on the oven, sure enough, the usually silent fan was loud. Stopped for a time, then started again randomly. With two months left under warranty I'm probably going to call for a tech to come by and take a look. Of course, the fan will most likely be silent while he's here [img][/img]but I'll deal with that. In the meantime, is there a do-it-yourself hack I might try?

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What kind of sound is it? Metal rattling, bearings grinding, metal rubbing on metal?

I pull out the racks and put my finger on things. Pushing on various things like the sheet metal cover or oven body around the fan you might find the area that is rattling. This could lead you to find a loose screw or bolt. You can remove the cover so you can have access to the fan. Turn it by hand. Is it quiet? Are the blades hitting or rubbing on anything? Put on your MacGyver hat and think of anything that "could" make a noise and investigate.
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The oven fan (not the convection fan) in my GE slide-in range was slightly noisy from the outset but not alarming. It might have gotten louder with time but I do not recall. I remember only that it was noticeable and made a slightly annoying buzz. A couple of years ago I had to pull the range out to replace the oven igniter at the back. While it was out I saw where the fan was located and saw that it contacted the back panel causing the noise. I was able to isolate the fan housing with some insulation to dampen the noise and now it is much quieter.
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