Dishwasher won't drain . . . .

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Arrow Dishwasher won't drain . . . .

sometimes. I have a Kitchenaid DW model KDPM604KPS). It was 2 years old in June. A couple of weeks ago we started intermittently getting error code E1F9 and the wash cycle would stop, I could cancel the cycle and hit the drain button and the DW would drain.

I disconnected the drain line from the house plumbing and ran a wash cycle into a bucket. It drained correctly. Thinking I had a plumbing problem I disassembled all of the under sink stuff looking for a clog. It was fine. I tried another wash cycle with the drain line feeding a buck and got the error code again.

I would like to inspect/clean the drain filter but I can't find it. I don't think that would be the problem since the one tiime it drained correctly there was a lot of flow. All the stuff I find on line show a cartridge type filter under the spray arm. My configuration is different. I can find no drain filter just a grate screen in the bottom of the tub.
Any ideas where to look next? Unfortunately I'm thinking control board or drain pump.
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I suspect that after checking everything you did, I also agree it may be faulty control board. I doubt the pump is bad. It either works or it doesn't.
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Could be something in the pump.
Sometimes it takes pulling the pump and visually checking it.
Not the easiest unit to work on.

Tech sheet/manual - W11447459 ........ Whirlpool tech manual - pdf
(Let me know when you have it as I don't leave tech sheets posted.)

I need the complete model number to check on the sump/filter issue.

Drain pump removal video

Is the drain line attached to the underside of the countertop ?
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The DW is a Kitchenaid KDPM604KPS0. I think the drain pump is working OK because it drains when I select "drain" on the control panel. It's pretty quiet bu I can hear the pump running when I select drain. Currently it gets part way through the wash cycle and then stops and I have to drain it from the control panel.

I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and make a service call.Unhappy

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