Whirlpool refrigerator WRT318FZDW icemaker bin frozen

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Whirlpool refrigerator WRT318FZDW icemaker bin frozen

I have a Whirlpool refrigerator model WRT318FZDW09 with an icemaker that is having an issue.

The icemaker is making ice and dispensing it, but the collection bin below is frozen into a solid piece of ice at the bottom. The new ice on top is loose initially but after a while become part of the frozen piece. Here are some pictures of what is happening.

This is very difficult to diagnose in "real time" but my thinking is this is caused by some excess water present at the bottom of the collection bin, then it gets frozen together with the new ice. I can think of three scenerios causing this.

(1) Whatever is regulating the amount of water to fill an ice tray is acting up and OVERfilling. So the water fills the ice tray above to the top, then the excess water spills into the collection bin, and gets frozen solid at the bottom.

(2) There is too much pressure from the water being dispensed into the ice tray/ The water is dispensed via a plastic nozzle in the rear of the freezer compartment, and the increased pressure causes the water to splash around, some into the ice tray, and some into the collection bin below.

(3) The icemaker makes the ice, dispenses into the collection bin. But there is a temperature fluctuation inside the freezer, that causes the ice inside the bin to melt partially and refreezes later into a slab, mixed with newer ice.

Are there other possibilities? Here are some more pictures showing the icemaker's underside. I notice some ice forming on the back wall of the freezer. Is that normal?

Here are some pictures from another angle, showing the water nozzle.

Any idea how best to troubleshoot?

Is there a way to reset the icemaker?

Is there a way to force the IM to cycle itself so I can observe the water filling the ice tray when it happens?

The dispensing valve/regulator is it in the back of the freezer or on the back of the refrigerator?

Thanks in advance!
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Wow... lots of questions.

It's rare for the water to overfill. Fill is a timed function controlled by the cycle timer.
It's approx 6-8 seconds.
The fill valve is down at the bottom rear of the fridge. It could be a double valve or triple valve if you have water-in-the-door. Sometimes the fill valves leak but when that happens you'll see ice all over the fill chute.

You should be able to hear when the tray harvests. The water fill starts within a minute or two of the harvest completion. You can put the bail arm up and the tray will store a load of ice. When the arm is put down the ice will harvest in several minutes so you could hang around waiting for the refill.

Start with an empty bin. Let the ice harvest.
Check the bin 5 minutes after it dumps. See if there's any water.

How are the door gaskets on the unit ?
Excessive frost buildup due to humid air leaks causes extended defrost times which can melt the ice.

I'm wondering if you have a plugged condensate drain and the pan is overflowing down the back of the fridge and into the ice bin. Trying to find a better exploded parts view.

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Not sure if you have isolated the problem to the ice maker system.

If not take some ice cubes and put them in a bowl.
If they turn into a lump of ice it is a temperature regulation problem and not a ice maker problem.

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