GE gas stovetop - igniter questions - it's a consumable? Average life?

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GE gas stovetop - igniter questions - it's a consumable? Average life?

We have a GE gas stove we bought back in 2004. All 4 burners aren't getting lit by the igniter module. I barely hear clicking when turning on any of the burners and there's no spark

I have in my notes that in 12-18, I replaced the stovetop igniter module. From my memory, we had the same problem - no spark, no clicking when trying to light it.

Taking the stove apart to check for issues / cleaning it, the module has a (production date?) circle of 10/08.

1) So do you think I typed 18 wrong in my notes? Or was it sitting on the shelf at vendor for 10 years!?

2) Any thoughts on average life of an igniter? Besides the calendar, I'd think it also depends on the number of times the igniter is used?

3) After taking things apart and cleaning, I put the module back in. I am getting sparks now at each burner. I am noticing that if there's metal near the base of the ceramic of the spark terminal, I am getting a spark there.. through the insulation? Think I can use regular shrink tubing / electrical tape under the burner surface? It gets too hot under there I think. Is there high temp shrink or electrical tape?


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Igniters do have a lifespan. In my experience, they last somewhere between 2 years and 20 years... to say that it's pretty random as to when one decides to fail.

If you're not getting the clicking, I'd definitely say it's the ignitor. And 5 years... it's quite possible it reached the end of its life.

I don't install/replace enough of them to recommend one brand over another vs OEM parts... maybe others here can provide some additional insight.
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There are two types of igniters.
One is a hot surface igniter used in the oven for the baking and broil burners.
Those have a limited life.

We're discussing ceramic igniters here on gas burners.

I very rarely have to replace igniters but I've cleaned many.
For the most part.... spark modules are good or bad and can last forever.
Arcing in the wrong locations can wipe them out.
Igniters are mounted in the metal stovetop. With no burner cap on.... it should not spark up top.
There is at least an inch below the stovetop. It should never arc down there.

The igniters must be 100% clean. Anything spilled on them has to be cleaned.

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