dishwasher will not completely drain


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I've been told to clean the air gap on the top of my sink, but I have a spray hose where the air gap is usually located. Any idea what would be the next step to getting the last half inch of water to drain?
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Hi, always check drain hose, drain hose connectors, filter system inside dishwasher, for kinks and or restrictions...even a small piece of plastic can flip/flop back in forth and stop the water from draining. Poss drain impellor inside the motor and pump is damaged and connot push the water out fast enough. Least may be a timer that is short cycling the drain mode.
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"Clean the 'air gap' on top of your sink? Me thinks someone is pulling your leg. That hole is just for what you're using it for...a sprayer (or soap dispenser), and has nothing to do with your dishwasher. It drains through a hose connected to your sink drain. Your problem may be caused by a clogged strainer, drain valve, or pump impeller (food particles, usually, and it's best to clean all that stuff off before loading to avoid clogging anyway). Or it could be a defective drain valve solinoid, which I doubt. Check around websites on how to test/clean/repair those, if you don't know how. Or get a copy of Reader's Digest "Fix-It-Yourself Manual". After you get it fixed, tell whoever told you about the "air gap" that you cleaned it, and the dw is working great!
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Cool Yes, the 'air gap'!

Yes, if you have a sink with a disposal you will have an air gap; you know, the thing that water sometimes pours out of and into your sink when the dishwasher is running. The drain hose from your dishwasher will connect to a 'Y' hose connection under your sink directly below the air gap (go to this url to see an air gap ). The other hose connection from this 'Y' is connected via a hose to the side of your garbage disposal (under the sink of course). This is most likely the culprit of your woes! Many knucklehead installers use too short of a hose for this connection and it kinks or just kind of 'flattens' because there is too sharp of a turn in the hose - which then collects small bits of waste from your dishwasher discharge which begin to accumulate and rot, creating a slow growing plug in your hose. This slows the drain flow from your dishwasher and since the washer only pumps out for a short period it does not have enough time to completely drain. If I am right you will have a very smelly plug of gunk in this hose when you disconnect it from the disposal end.
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