GE Spacemaker XL1400 Won't Heat - Advice


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GE Spacemaker XL1400 Won't Heat - Advice

I found this old thread, and it is my problem exactly! Please help if you can!

"Hi, I'm new to this forum. Basically, I have a problem with my 6 year old GE Spacemaker XL1400 microwave. Unit has worked fine over the last number of years; however, just today it has stopped heating the microwave's contents. The fan, lights, clock, etc. all seem to work fine...just can't heat anything??? Any clues? Is it possibly the microwave element itself? If so, where is the element located, can this be easily removed, and replaced? I'm not too keen on dishing out a couple hundred dollars for a new unit, if this can be easily repaired by myself."

Many thanks for whatever help or advice someone can offer!
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GE Microwave

I am having the very same problem. I have a GE Proline, ten years old, Model JEB 1050WV 001. The light works, the fan works, all of the speed buttons work - BUT, no heat. I have removed the unit from the wall, unplugged and replaced the 250V 15A fuse. Still have the problem. Suggestions

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Thumbs up GE spacemakerXL heating again, YEAH !

i have a 2004 GE spacemakerXL model JVM1441 only used 1 yr. it stopped heating, but everything else worked fine, lights,clock, fan etc... i read on this site to wipe the keypad and instrument panel with a warm damp cloth, and sure enough by the third time i did this, i could melt butter again in approx 15 seconds. the tip said possibly a detergent reacts somehow with the circuitry and prevents heating. the towel i used was hot and pretty wet. i was amazed, hope this helps.
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Exclamation HIGH Voltage...Use EXTREME Caution

Safety word of warning.

Microwave ovens, TV's, computer monitors and many such appliances, use capacitors to store and or boost electrical power. With that though in mind, anyone whom attempts to service and or repair such appliances, imo, needs to think twice before attempting an repairs and always use EXTREME CAUTION. Danger lurks.

Anyone whom is not qualified (especially a do-it-yourself person) to service such appliances is about to take on a risky task. Even though the appliance has been unplug from the electical power source, a capcitor will store it's high voltages for long durations of time.

A highly potential and dangerous condition for the unsuspecting diy'er. Capacitors need to be discharged prior to any servicing inside the cabinet where those electrical componets are. Failure to discharge the appliance can cause a high voltage eletrical chrage to be discharged into the unsuspecting.

Do it yourself repairs to any such appliances will always be very risky. Use extreme caution and/or have the appliance professionally serviced.

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Hi, I have the same issue. My GE Spacemaker XL1400 works just fine, except for heating things. I read elsewhere that if you hear a loud buzzing, then the magnetron may be defective. I looked up how to replace the magnetron, and I've decided to have a professional repair it. It is way too complicated and dangerous for me. Hope this helps!

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Ge spacemaker microwave

Hi, I replaced the magnetron on my microwave but it's still not heating up the food.Does anubody have any idea what might be wrong with it.Thank you
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Don brick

Hi I have a Micro wave xl1400 and it won't heat all key pads work it is a 1998 model jvm1430wa. capacitor is fine, don't know for sure about the diode,but seems fine with a meter no shorts. please advise I have checked everything except the Hight voltage.

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