Microwave in a cabinet?


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Question Microwave in a cabinet?

I want to free up some counter space and was thinking I could put my MW in the glasses cabinet. Is there any reason why this would be a bad idea?


Mary Beth
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Bad idea. Yes. Unless of course the manufacturer says it's ok, but I doubt it. OR, unless, you are not using it...which I doubt as well, right?

There are ventilation requirements and acceptable installation methods for microwaves. That's why there are different types of microwaves...over the range microwaves, suspend on a wall, beneath a cabinet, or built into a wall or cabinet types.

Besides... I'm picturing it wouldn't look great either.

Safety first

BTW: Welcome to the DoItYourself.com forums.
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OK soo....

ARE there microwaves to purchase that CAN be put into a cabinet? I am looking to buy one anyway and if I get a small one I could even shut the cabinet door hiding it when not in use.

Mary Beth
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BTW: Not a pro...

But... I don't know specifics but you can search for built-in or spacemakers. There ARE microwaves that allows for built-in installation of a countertop microwave oven in a wall or cabinet alone.

I'd double check w/the manufacturer as well. Check for installation methods and requirements b/c they are all different.

Check back as I'm sure others will chime in
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M/W in cabinet...

I placed a M/W in a cabinet during my last reno - While there are certain precautions to be taken, It is a great way to free up counter space.

Allow room in the cabinet for air to move - Do not place M/W in a tight space - air movement is required and critical for cooling.

If this is an open front cabinet, you can create that built in look by creating a space frame and finishing with moulding - however you still need to ensure that there is space behind, beside and on top of your appliance.

If this is a cabinet with doors, always operate appliance with door open, and leave door open after use if the W/M has been operating more than 4-5 minutes - USE COMMON SENSE!

Do not place food items - especially cooking oils and anything stored in spray cans (PAM cooking spray) in close proximity - especially above, heat rises.

If you are using the appliance several times a day, and for extended periods - re-consider this approach.

Ensure that you use proper electrical cords/plug and never, never, remove 3rd prong!
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Exclamation Bad idea!

I would have to say don't do it.

Microwave ovens are designed to be free standing on a counter or in a ventilated enclosure designed for this purpose.
A lot of heat is generated when using a microwave that must be allowed to escape.
The heat that will build up in the cabinet is all the heat it takes to cook the food plus the heat generated in making the microwave energy.
Sorta like an air conditioner in that all it does is transfer heat from one place to another.

Even if it appears to work you can overheat the components and shorten the life of the microwave oven or trip the overheat sensor..
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Im not sur I understand what the issue is except for circulation.

Virtually every major cabinet manufacturer offers a microwave cabinet typically 30" wide., to accomplish exactly what MaryBeth wants to do. When designing a kitchen using it is an accepted practice, not necessarily the first choice but an accepted practice.

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