Vacuum All of a Sudden Got Loud. REAL LOUD!


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Vacuum All of a Sudden Got Loud. REAL LOUD!

I hought a cheap Eureka upright a couple years ago. Use it once a week or so to vacuum a couple of rooms. It is a Model 92xx and worked quite well until...

Last week the War Dept. emptied the catch bin and cleaned the filter (not the HEPA filter). Something both she and I have done several times in the past. But this time something happened (don't know what) and now the vacuum cleaner sounds like a 707 jet engine 10 feet away.

I checked the thing and everything appears to be correct. I replaced the HEPA thinking maybe it was clogged. Still I get a super loud turbo whine from the unit. The roller is okay and the whine does not change volume if I remove the filters.

Any ideas? Sure, it only cost $85 but being on SS and with time on my hands, I'd like to fix the thing rather than toss it and buy another one.
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Doesn't it have a bag for dust collection? Or, does it have a pre filter prior to the HEPA filter? Or, is the drive belt broken?
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I have been through a lot of vacuums in my life. Noise can be a symptom of something having gotten up into the motor housing. When one is vacuuming under the edges of furnishings where one cannot see, it is possible to pick up foreign objects. The worst I ever got was a penny lodged in the housing. Sometimes when the belt is worn to the breaking point, there can be noise. My experience is that is seldom the case, they tend to break when you least expect it. These were not whining noises.

Check for blockage in hose. If there is a blockage, there is usually a high-pitched whine. If no air can reach the low pressure side of the fan, the fan can't pump air to the high-pressure side. The fan will simply spin. Motor and fan keep turning faster and faster, and motor reaches beyond recommended rotational speed. And, the vacuum can sound like a 707. Remove the clog. Fan and motor work will once again work on air. The 707 slows down and the whine disappears. There will be no need for clearance for take off!
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Goldstar -

No bag. This is one of those models that has a container that can be emptied and reused.


I'll take another look at it. Could be something just beyond the brush assembly.

I see you remember what those 707s sounded like, 'way back before the days of noise reduction measures!

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