Singer 9020 T sewing machine help?


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Singer 9020 T sewing machine help?

I've been working on my mother's 9020 for a little while, and I've just about got everything back in working order.

There's a little spring/clip/whatever you want to call it, next to the bobbin case that I'm not sure about. It was loose when I started messing with it, and I'm guessing it will help prevent the bobbin case from slipping out of its raceway... if, of course, it's properly positioned.

Here's a pic:

I can't find any detailed parts diagrams on the web that show what position that thing needs to be in.

Any ideas?

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I've been trying to find something out about that machine but all I've found is that Sears contracted with Singer to make that model and it was probably a limited production, which is why there's not much out there about it.
I have an old Touch and Sew Singer but mine does not have that thing you're asking about.
If it isn't working right because of that, you may have to take it to a repairman.
Have you gone to Singer's website? Even tho they're not quite the same as years ago, they may still be able to answer your question. Worth a try.

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