Problem With a Toaster Plug


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Problem With a Toaster Plug

I have an oldie but goodie toaster whose plug is giving me a little trouble. I want to keep the toaster because it toasts faster and better than anything else I have found. For some reason the plug fails to make contact in the kitchen GFI outlets. I took it to the garage and cleaned the spades with MEK and steel wool and they worked 100% in the garage outlets. Back to the kitchen and it's a chore to get it to work there. I'd rather not put a new plug on it but that is what's coming next if I don't come up with a solution. I also wonder if it might be a sign of an in house electrical problem that doesn't exist out in the garage, is that possible? I checked voltage and get 120V. I also tried it in other outlets in the house to no avail.

Thanks for any help.
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It sounds like the GFI receptacle in the kitchen is worn out. A very common problem with kitchen counter top receptacles where appliances are constantly being plugged in.

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