Convection upper microwave


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Convection upper microwave

We moved into a new house with an upper microwave convection combo.

Microwave works fine. When we tried using the broil or convection feature, there is a lot of smoke.

I assume this is from grease spraying up to the burner over the years.

Any suggestions to clean? Just crank it up for 10 mins and let it burn off? Any other way to clean the broiler element on these combo units?
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Is it visibly greasy ?
Most of those units have a plastic interior because it's a microwave oven.
That means you need to be careful in the use of any chemical cleaners.

Burning the element clean would certainly be one safe way to clean it.
Do you have the care and use manual for the unit ?
If not post the model number.
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I do have the manual, but no mention of cleaning the burner. The interior is stainless steel. The burner is located behind a grill

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