Multiple Computer outlets, lacking wires?


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I have been trying to install electrical outlets in an office. Some of those outlets are specially designed for computer use, having a second ground wire. One of the ground wires is red, which connects to the standard ground on the outlet, and the other to the box. My questions is, my contractor wired a box with only one of each red, copper, white, and black wires, but the outlet is supposed to support two recepticals. Do I have to run a second set of wires to install the second receptical, or is there a way of connecting so both will work?
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I'm not an electrician, but you are confusing me. Normally, an outlet needs one hot wire (black wire to brass screw), one neutral wire (white to silver screw), and one ground (bare to green screws- receptacle and metal box, if metal). Red wires are normally a second hot wire. (Are these outlets on a switch?) You only need to connect to one each for both receptacles on an outlet. Computers need to be on grounded outlets for surge protection. Sprky or one of the other pro electricians in here will be able to help you if you give a little more information. Good Luck!
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hello natedarwin,
im going to address the verry unusual/unorthordox second ground which is RED first. according to the NEC grounds must be eather green or bare. if your contractor wired this as an isolated ground, then he shuld have just mark the red green or striped it bare. unless he installed an isolated ground bar in the panrel the second ground does nothing except add a second ground path. IG's r not verry common in a resadence since conduit and metal boxes r not used. what we normaly use for computers is a designated circuit.
from the info contained in your post u have a 2 gang box with 1 set of wires,(black,red,white,bare) and im woundering if both receps r to be on same circuit. if u r positive they r both on the same circuit all u have to do is install a doubel pigtail( 2 small piece of wire aprox 7" long wirenutted to a wire to produce 2 ends to connect to a device)on the ground. and then install a jumper (piece of wire aprox 7" long) between the hots on the 2 recepts and the nuturals on the 2 recepts . if u have any thought that they may or may not be on same circuit, then eather call your contractor or test to be sure.
oops i forgot to tell u how if they r to be on 2 seperat circuits which i am inclined to think. all u need to do is install a double pigtail on the nutural(white) and ground (bare), then connect the black to 1 recep and red to other.
i have another ? if u hired a contractor why r u installing the devices?, this is normaly included in the bid.

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Thanks for the info sprky. The first of your suggestions worked out just fine. Just so I don't leave you in the dark, I'll try to fill you in a little here. I had recently moved my business office to a new location. These outlets, which are orange (sorry I forgot to mention that), are designed especially for computers to provide more protection to the circuit (I guess, they cost $12 a piece). The reason I had to install them is because my contractor fell behind schedule, and I needed power to my office network for tonight. Otherwise, my company would not be able to log my system, and I wouldn't be able to do business until sometime after the next business day. This particular outlet was the only way to get juice to my modem, hub, and Network Interface. Thanks so much for your help. The system's up and running as we speak.

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