How to pass cable wire through insulation?

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Red face How to pass cable wire through insulation?

I am in process of passing a wire from attic to a room. I put two holes one in attic and one in room wall. Holes are fine but i then found out that wall has insulation inside. So now i am stuck. How would i pass the wire(cable wire for internet) from attic down to room wall passing this insulation
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Talking Rigid wire

#10 or thicker wire about 8' long....tie the end of CAT5 line to one end of wire. Fish the rigid wire down to the hole and have someone else to catch it. Pull the wire thru and catch the CAT 5 line.
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I believe Joe meant to say solid wire, not rigid. And solid is preffered over stranded. A #12 solid ripped out of romex you may have laying around will work just fine.
Good Luck!!!
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What you are trying to do is not easy for those that do it everyday. If the 10 awg wire does not fish down that insulated wall then try getting your hands on a metal fish tape sometimes the fish tape will work when a wire won't.

A couple of tricks in yoru attempts to fish that stiffer wire or fish tape down an insulated wall is to make a bent over smooth end on that fish tape or stiff wire so that it will not spear into the insulation.

Be careful not to push or force into the wall or you may ball up your insulation and then you have a hard ball of insulation that you won't fish past.

Often times the construction method of that wall has a plastic sheet along the wall surface or a paper backing of that insulation. If you can get your fish tape or stiff wire into that area between the finished wall and the plastic sheet then you may have found an easy path to fish your wire down that wall.

If you have much trouble then you may find in your soffitt a vent in the soffitt where your stud space is. If so then you can remove that vent and reach into the soffitt area and into the stud space using that soffit to the area below the top plate. This trick may sometimes help

Hope this helps


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