Electrical Trouble HELP PLEASE

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Angry Electrical Trouble HELP PLEASE

I wired my basement for a workshop down there. I have 12 outlets around the room. Every other outlet is on a different circut, there are three circuits. 1) Black 2) Blue 3) Red and one neutral 4) white. The first three outlets are GFCI outlets. Black goes through the first one, Blue through the second one, and Red through the third one, they all use the same neutral. After that the outlets are standard and their all wired in parallel. If I power up one circuit it works flawlessly, but as soon as I power up a second circuit, one of the GFCI's trip, usually black if its powered up, but both the red and the blue GFCI have tripped. Is this because they all use the same neutral? Or am I going to have to pull the wires out of the conduit and look for a short? I have gone over all the boxes and they are all wired correctly, color to gold and white to silver. Also, all my wire nuts are secure and there seems to be no marred or damaged insulation. I was super carefull, so I don't really think there is any damage even deep within the conduit.

Any help would be great.
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I suspect it's because they share the same neutral. I highly recommend that you ask in the Electrical forum, which is the proper place to ask electrical questions. There's several people over there who know electrical wiring inside and out and are very friendly and helpful with questions and problems.

This forum really needs to be renamed so people will quit posting electrical questions here.

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