Spa Wiring Trouble----HELP, Please

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Question Spa Wiring Trouble----HELP, Please

I am selling my home. The buyer had my home checked out by a Home Inspector. California does not require him to be licensed or anything else.
PROBLEM: Portable Cal Spa on the covered patio. Electrician (friend of ex-husband), installed all the wiring from the Spa to the breaker box, about 4-5 years ago. We use the Spa. I cannot ask this friend for help. The Spa is 240 volts.

The Home Inspector told my buyer that the spa is wired with aluminum wire and is a fire hazzard. I wrote down all the info that is marked/stamped on all the 'tubing/cable' that all the wire is inside of. I apoligize for not knowing the correct names I refer to.

1. The first connector on the outside of the spa says:
3/4" Halex. It is a hard metal oblong connector that is approx. 5" long.

2. Flexible tubing (Romex) ?, is connected to the item above, and the stamped marks on the outside of this tubing says:

CSA 75(the degree mark) C Anaconda Sealtight 3/4" (UL) Type NMUA Liquid Tight Non Metallic.

3. This flexible tubing is connected to the hard metal (tubing?) that runs to the breaker box. This is marked: Allied E-Z Pull EMT H .

Can you tell from this information what kind of wiring it is? I don't have any further information. Thanks so much in advance for all the help with this problem. :-)
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I don't see anything in your post that tells me whether this is aluminum or not. Perhaps someone else can.

However, the bottom line is that aluminum wire is legal, and is only dangerous if improperly installed. I think you should tell your buyer that you are going to do nothing about this unless the home inspector provides evidence of improper installation. Stating that the wire is aluminum is not sufficient evidence of any danger.

Of course your position is obviously going to be based on how difficult it will be for you to find a better buyer. Sometimes it's better to give in even if you are in the right -- is this sale worth a few hundred extra bucks to you?
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John is right. What you named was only the sealtite and EMT that is protecting the wires inside those tubes.

What we need is confirmation what type wire is in that conduit, What AWG size those aluminum conductors are and what color aand how many conductors are serving that hot tub found inside that sealtite conduit, what size breaker is in the main panel protecting those wire. Also need to confirm you have a disconnect within site of that hot tub. This disconnect must be no more than 50' from the hot tub and within sight of that hot tub. You may have a breaker as a shut off form furnished by the manufacturer found inside your hot tub instead of the remote disconnect form.

You also need to confirm that you don't have a local rule forbidding the use of Aluminum conductors in your jurisdiction. You Local Electrical inspector found at your Code Enforcement Div of your local Government will be able to answer this local law question.

You might want to hire a licensed electrician after showing proof of him being licensed and skilled in your area to reinspect that hot tub and confirm all the above for you. This may be a better option.

Let us know what you find.

Hope this helps


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